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Twi-Trinity Cover Entertainment Weekly

As per tradition, Kristen, Taylor, and Rob are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly to promote the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. It’s funny because I rarely pay attention to EW covers on a regular basis. It’s not a website I check frequently. HOWEVER, every time they have our Twilight cast on the cover, they seem to score the most candid and interesting interviews. 

Rob and Kristen’s banter is pretty funny in this interview, and they all talk about what they like about the film and what scenes they wish could have escaped the PG-13 rating… I love hearing about the sexy and gory content! Hopefully the R-rated scenes come out eventually on DVD or whatever.

Our lovely friends over at TwiCrack Addict have already posted scans, so I’mma link you over that way. Click here for the post. 

UPDATE: We found awesome scans that we just need to post! You can read the article over at TwiCrack Addict or check out the scans of the magazine we put below!


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Kristen rocks the Jay Leno, as per usual

This girl just kills me. Try watching a promo interview from when Twilight first came out in theatres and then watch this video! She has grown up so much and her sense of humor and sense of self has just escalated into this impressive, confident persona. So impressed with this interview. Sometimes I find Jay Leno’s interviews a bit dry or awkward but this is a great one. 

Click here for part 1.

Click here for part 2.  

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The cast of ‘The Hunger Games’ does Vanity Fair

Right in the middle of all the Breaking Dawn craziness the Hunger Games is giving us a breath of fresh air with some amazing new pics from Vanity Fair. This is one good looking cast, and they look super perfect for their roles. I am already super in love with Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. I can feel a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence forming already. I am looking forward to this new series! You just know its going to be great and fill that void now that Harry Potter is gone and Twilight is ending. Check out this super cute cast below!


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Breaking Dawn Overload! Spoiler Central!

We have been seriously slacking on our Breaking Dawn press tour coverage, but in all fairness there has been too much to follow! Like all Twilight film releases, it has been an overload of new videos, trailers, and interviews, and it hasn’t even started in North America yet!

Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene have been covering for the rest of the cast by traveling all over Europe doing press junkets before the whole cast start North American press in LA on Nov 3rd. There are so many interviews and trailers already out that we aren’t quite sure what they have left to tease us with! We have gone through all the videos and picked out the best one for you to watch! Just a warning though that a few of them are straight up scenes out of the film and so huge spoilers! If you don’t want to spoil the movie don’t watch any video we labelled spoiler!

Also for your Twicrack pleasure we are including a schedule of the Twilight mania that is headed out way in the next three weeks. It should help you to remember to set your PVR’s and get ready for the crazyness. If you miss something though don’t worry because we will be putting any good press up on here in a timely fashion. Check out all the videos and the schedule below!

Breaking Dawn Promo Schedule:

November 2 – Rob on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, LA

November 3 – Hand and Footprint Ceremony at Grauman’s in LA – Rob, Kristen, and Taylor (So fun!)

November 3- Rob, Kristen and Taylor – MTV First (Always really good interviews with Josh!)

November 3 – Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno – LA

November 5 – LA Twilight Convention -Rob, Kristen, and Taylor (Let the madness begin!)

November 8 – Rob on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’- NYC

November 10 – Rob on ‘The Today Show’ – NYC

November 10 – Rob on Regis and Kelly, NYC

November 10 – Rob on Jimmy Fallon – NYC

November 14 – Los Angeles – World Premiere

November 14 – Rob, Kristen and Taylor – Taping of the Ellen Show -LA (For the first time ever!)

November 16 – London – UK Premiere

November 18 – Berlin – German Premiere – Rob, Taylor, and Bill Condon

November 18 – Rob, Kristen and Tay on Ellen

VIDEO 1: Interviews and Wedding Footage

VIDEO 2: New TV Spot

VIDEO 3: New TV Spot with Charlie and Bella cuteness

ALL SPOILER CLIPS UNDER THE CUT! Click on to see some pretty exciting clips!

Read More…

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New Breaking Dawn TV Spot!

It is Twilight promotion time again, and man does it feel good! It looks like Summit has released a new TV Spot for us all to enjoy, and it finally has little bits of conversation! Thats right, you get to hear Edward Cullen saying adorable things to do with the wedding in this one! Ah kill me now. The Twihard in me is coming out more and more everyday, and little tv spots like this aren’t helping to control it. Apparently there is going to be even more promotion coming this weekend! So enjoy this trailer and get ready for more to come!

ps. Tickets for the midnight showing on November 17th  at Scotiabank theatre  here in the Couve are available to purchase online! Go here to get your tickets! We will see you there.

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Steel Magnolias Remake?! Say it ain’t so!

Apparently Lifetime has decided to remake the 1989 classic, Steel Magnolias which originally starred Julia Roberts and Sally Field. I am not so sure that is really a good idea. First of all, yes the 1989 version was already a redo of the 1987 play, but the film is what really made the story famous! No one wants to see a redo of a redo. Second, the 1989 film version is so iconic! It was one of the films that really made Julia Roberts the star she is today. Third, it will be very difficult for anyone to cast a group of women who could even come close to that of the 1989 cast. Seriously though, the first film starred Julia Roberts as a new bride, Shelby, whose mother, M’Lynn, played by Sally Field, frequents a beauty shop where friends — played by Olympia Dukakis, Dolly Parton, Darryl Hannah and Shirley MacLaine — squabble, joke and bond as tragedy befalls their circle. There is no way that can be reproduced. Hopefully for this film they don’t try to copy it completely, but instead make it there own.

And it sounds like that is the plan! Apparently this new version will be set in modern day, not the 1980’s and will star a African American cast! This sounds pretty intriguing. However, I am still a little worried. I personally grew up with Steel Magnolias and don’t think I will be able to handle a redo. This is even worse than the Foot Loose redo. Fingers crossed no one decides to do a Pretty Women redo. That would be my final straw.


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Ron Weasley & Draco Malfoy become Fashion Models??

That’s right, Rupert Grint and Tom Felton are getting their feet wet in the fashion world with a hip Polaroid photo shoot for the fashion label Band of Outsiders. Apparently they are quite the hipster fashionistas. A big thanks to our friend M who sent this link to us! Check the hilarious pics out below!


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Happy Thanksgiving From Popcouver!

Popcouver wants to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! No matter where you are in the world, we hope you are celebrating with friends or family. We are so thankful for all the opportunities we have been given over the last year and hope for more in the future! Good luck if you are cooking a turkey! Don’t forget to actually turn the oven on 😉

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Favorite Friday – What we are into this week!

Lauren Conrad and :

– We have been kind of in love with LC since the days of The Hills, but lately we have become kind of obsessed with her adorable style. To add to her awesome, she got together with her hairdresser and makeup artist, and made an amazing website called The Beauty Department. It is a fashionistas dream! Tons of hair, fashion, makeup, and nail ideas with easy to follow tutorials! I used to learn how to do my hair and makeup off of youtube videos, but now I don’t have to go searching! This has made life so easy and beautiful! Keep up the good work girls!

“Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” by Mindy Kaling:

– The hilarious star and writer of The Office,, Mindy Kaling, has written a hilarious book called “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me”. Mindy Kaling is ridiculously funny, for example her tweets are always a goodtime, so I can’t even image how awesome a whole book is going to be. We haven’t picked up our own copy yet, but its on the list of things to do this Thanksgiving weekend. Take a break from life this long weekend and crack open a new book. We are recommending this one based entirely on how much we like Mindy and how awesome the cover looks. Read an excerpt here!


We have been kind of loving this new series here at Popcouver! We are not sure if is the best acting, but we can’t help but love the style of it. The retro setting is oh so enjoyable. I would watch this for the costumes alone. Love the little blue uniforms, the perfect hair, and all the beautiful men in suits. It is like MadMen, but a tad less minxy. If you haven’t seen it yet give it a try on Sunday night after your turkey (or Tofurkey) feast.


New OPI Colors for Fall : Romeo and Joliet

This shade is oh so romantic and appropriate for fall! This deep shade or garnet is on the top of our to wear list this October. How cute will it look with a cute coat and some brown boots? Do you have another favorite shade? Let us know!

Next year it looks like fairy-tales are taking the place of vampires as the hot new thing. And at the top of the anticipation list is the battle for the favorite Snow White. Lily Collins, who is starring with our boy TayLaut in Abduction, and KStew are both playing Snow White in 2012. Lily Collins will be playing a more Disney version of Snow White, in her untitled version also starring Julia Roberts as the queen and Armie Hammer as the prince; where as KStew will be playing a more true to life adaptation of the classic tale called Snow White and the Huntsman. Kristen is starring opposite Charlize Theron as her queen and hottie Chris Hemsworth  as her Huntsman. Both films have been doing quite a bit of promoting, and trying to get their film to be the most anticipated version. However, I think they both look great! They both have completely different feels so far, and are going to be quite different. I am thinking that there is going to be room for both to be a hit! What do you guys think? Check out the photos below.

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