Posted by: popcouver | December 23, 2011

‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Review

I went to see David Fincher’s new American version of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ based on Stieg Larsson’s first book from his Millenium series on Tuesday, and I all I can really say is ‘wow’. I have seen the highly acclaimed Swedish version of the movie as well, and must say that I think this new version is a much better adaptation of the book and a better movie overall! I thurally, thurally enjoyed it. It was dark, gritty, brutal and down right upsetting at some points, yet it was portrayed perfectly. Please be aware that this movie is rated R for a reason and is not a suitable for children at all. But if you can handle a movie that isn’t sugar coated in anyway I really suggest you see this film.

Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander was amazing. She really truly blew me away. I think for sure that she should be considered quite seriously this award season. I can’t believe that this is the same girl who was Mark Zuckerberg’s girlfriend in The Social Network. It has been said again and again, but the transformation for this movie was huge! I believe her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander was perfect. She was dark and disturbed, yet also passionate and likable, which is just how I feel about the character in the book. Daniel Craig was also very impressive as Mikael Blomkvist. I feel he is just the perfect amount of sexy to be Blomkvist, while still looking the appropriate age. That is one thing that really bugged me about the Swedish version; I never thought the Swedish Blomkvist was sexy enough to be such a ladies man. As much fun as it was looking at him in his underwear, I also think his acting was fantastic. He has some very heavy scenes to portray and also did a very impressive job.

Overall I think this film was fantastic. It is almost 3hrs in playtime, yet I never once felt like it was dragging!  I am definitely putting ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ at the top of my awards list this coming season.


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