Posted by: popcouver | December 9, 2011

InStyle’s Hunger Games Scoop

As the new year approaches, we at Popcouver are getting more and more exciting about the upcoming blockbuster, The Hunger Games. Obviously we are all huge fans of the books already, so we are wasting no time in speculating about every fine detail of the films. Though the cast has obviously already been released (sparking Gale/Peeta debates across the Couve), there is plenty more to consider as the opening date approaches. Sets! Costumes! Script! The Love Story! There are so many diverse elements to these novels and I personally can’t wait, especially for the visual elements of the Games and Panem. 

InStyle Magazine has launched a variety of slideshows featuring the film, and we are here to link you to them all! Not only do they have photos from filming, but they also asked various designers to create their renditions of Katniss’s opening outfit, the Girl on Fire costume. Much like when InStyle asked designers to create Bella’s Breaking Dawn wedding dress, no?

Click here for the set photos.

Click here for the Girl on Fire costumes.

Click here for more info on the cast.

UPDATE: Click here for “20 Sidebraids inspired by The Hunger Games”. (Really? Love the sidebraid- Thank You Lauren Conrad- but this mayyyy be a stretch.)

Also, in case you’ve been living in a tinyyyy little cave nestled in the Rocky Mountains for the last 12 months, I’ve added the second official trailer for The Hunger Games. 


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