Posted by: popcouver | November 17, 2011

Twi-Trinity Cover Entertainment Weekly

As per tradition, Kristen, Taylor, and Rob are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly to promote the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. It’s funny because I rarely pay attention to EW covers on a regular basis. It’s not a website I check frequently. HOWEVER, every time they have our Twilight cast on the cover, they seem to score the most candid and interesting interviews. 

Rob and Kristen’s banter is pretty funny in this interview, and they all talk about what they like about the film and what scenes they wish could have escaped the PG-13 rating… I love hearing about the sexy and gory content! Hopefully the R-rated scenes come out eventually on DVD or whatever.

Our lovely friends over at TwiCrack Addict have already posted scans, so I’mma link you over that way. Click here for the post. 

UPDATE: We found awesome scans that we just need to post! You can read the article over at TwiCrack Addict or check out the scans of the magazine we put below!



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