Posted by: popcouver | October 30, 2011

Breaking Dawn Overload! Spoiler Central!

We have been seriously slacking on our Breaking Dawn press tour coverage, but in all fairness there has been too much to follow! Like all Twilight film releases, it has been an overload of new videos, trailers, and interviews, and it hasn’t even started in North America yet!

Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene have been covering for the rest of the cast by traveling all over Europe doing press junkets before the whole cast start North American press in LA on Nov 3rd. There are so many interviews and trailers already out that we aren’t quite sure what they have left to tease us with! We have gone through all the videos and picked out the best one for you to watch! Just a warning though that a few of them are straight up scenes out of the film and so huge spoilers! If you don’t want to spoil the movie don’t watch any video we labelled spoiler!

Also for your Twicrack pleasure we are including a schedule of the Twilight mania that is headed out way in the next three weeks. It should help you to remember to set your PVR’s and get ready for the crazyness. If you miss something though don’t worry because we will be putting any good press up on here in a timely fashion. Check out all the videos and the schedule below!

Breaking Dawn Promo Schedule:

November 2 – Rob on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, LA

November 3 – Hand and Footprint Ceremony at Grauman’s in LA – Rob, Kristen, and Taylor (So fun!)

November 3- Rob, Kristen and Taylor – MTV First (Always really good interviews with Josh!)

November 3 – Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno – LA

November 5 – LA Twilight Convention -Rob, Kristen, and Taylor (Let the madness begin!)

November 8 – Rob on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’- NYC

November 10 – Rob on ‘The Today Show’ – NYC

November 10 – Rob on Regis and Kelly, NYC

November 10 – Rob on Jimmy Fallon – NYC

November 14 – Los Angeles – World Premiere

November 14 – Rob, Kristen and Taylor – Taping of the Ellen Show -LA (For the first time ever!)

November 16 – London – UK Premiere

November 18 – Berlin – German Premiere – Rob, Taylor, and Bill Condon

November 18 – Rob, Kristen and Tay on Ellen

VIDEO 1: Interviews and Wedding Footage

VIDEO 2: New TV Spot

VIDEO 3: New TV Spot with Charlie and Bella cuteness

ALL SPOILER CLIPS UNDER THE CUT! Click on to see some pretty exciting clips!

VIDEO 4: SPOILER – Jacob talking to the Cullens about the Wolf Pack

VIDEO 5: SPOILER – Bella realizing that she is late!

VIDEO 6: HUGE SPOILER!!!! – The beginning of the HONEYMOON SCENE!!


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