Posted by: popcouver | June 30, 2011

Trueblood Is Back!

HAPPY DAYS! The sauciest show on TV is back and better than ever! That is right all you Trueblood fans, this past Sunday we got our first taste of the new season of TRUEBLOOD! Ah and it was oh so good! If you still don’t watch Trueblood, then I am sorry for you. You are really missing out. I don’t care if you don’t like Twilight, Vamp Dias, or all that “Vampire Stuff”, you will still like Trueblood. HBO makes some of the best TV on the air and so has turned this vampire craze into their own original program. It is sexy, gory, funny, scary, and down right addictive! So if you haven’t watched seasons 1-3 get on it! If you have watched them and watched the season 4 premiere on Sunday follow the link! Proceed with caution though for some major spoiler alerts!

OK on to the juicy stuff! Let me just start by saying “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR TRUEBLOOD!” “You did it again! I am completely hooked!” Who agrees with me? That was an awesome first episode! Okay lets dissect this by character!

Sookie – OMG scary fairy land! What the eff was that. It was a super fun plot twist though! Love that it moved the story forward one year!  That freshened everything up a bit. I like that she isn’t over all the crappy stuff Bill did, but that she also seems to have cooled down a bit. I predict that she has a season of fun and crazy again, and is back with Bill by the end of the season? What do you guys think. I shouldn’t bet on this show though because it always surprises me!

Bill: Hello King Bill. I guess he survived the battle to the death with the Queen of Louisiana. Which is too bad actually because I love me some Evan Rachel Wood. Oh well. I love his new look. He is sexier than ever. Less disheveled. I feel like he is up to something though. I have always believed his love for Sookie though so it will be interesting to see what he’s up to.

Eric: Umm Hello! Wow is all I can say about this. The age-old question of will Sookie and Eric finally hook up outside of a dream is drawing closer. However, I don’t think I see Sookie being ok with it. Sure she has his blood in him still, but I am not convinced that she will appreciate him buying her house and in turn buying her! That is messed up in a way even Sookie won’t like. Unless Eric wants to force himself on her I don’t see it. I do maybe see him trying to be able to get enough of her blood to go into the sun! That would be messed up too though.

Tara: I love the tough, runaway, lesbian Tara! She is awesome, and probably the right choice for her right now.

Lafayette: I do not know if I like all this witch business, but it is clearly the next supernatural character to be popular, so I saw it coming. However, I do love his sexy man though and want him to stick around.

Ok that is all I have to say about the first episode! haha wow that was a long one! I am oh so excited for Sunday night. I will keep you guys updated on my feelings as the season continues.

ps. I know this is a few days late, but I just got to catch up on my pvr’d copy of Trueblood yesterday! So please forgive me for my tardiness. I promise to make sure I blog my response on Sundays or Monday’s from now on.


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