Posted by: popcouver | June 2, 2011

Popcouver has gone crazy for The Hunger Games!

Over here at Popcouver, everyone is hungry for The Hunger Games. (Yeah, I went there.) Our friends are circulating various copies, sending rapid text messages (“OMGGGGGGGGG SO INTENSEEEEE”), and the beginning of a book club is in the works. What is it about Young Adult Fiction that is so damn appealing? And why have The Hunger Games caught our attention?

Well, I suppose if we’re being honest, it was rumblings of the film adaptation that sent us spiralling into the world of Katniss Everdeen. Jennifer Lawrence, fresh from her Oscar nominated role in Winter’s Bone, was rumoured to be starring in the film version of the trilogy. After confirmation of this role, more major stars were revealed in other roles. 

We’ve got Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman, whom we love in Easy A and who terrified us in The Lovely Bones. There’s Lenny Kravitz as Katniss’s stylist, Cinna. Katniss’s best friend Gale will be played by Miley’s own Liam Hemsworth, and her love interest Peeta will be Josh Hutcherson, who was Lazer in The Kids Are All Right. There are also some small names such as Woody Harrelson (no big) as Haymitch and Elizabeth Banks as Effie.

Now, with a first photo revealed and Jennifer Lawrence making the press circuit to promote X-Men, more information is dropping rapidly. Being a literature junkie, I try really hard to read novels before they are made into films. I mean, I like to find the really great, popular, well written stories waaay ahead of time, and then nod knowingly when they are picked up by Summit or whoever. Alas, when this doesn’t work out for me, I always try to read the novels before I see the movie. Twilight, check. Harry Potter, obviously. Water for Elephants, also check. The Millenium Series? Well, I read them before the American films were started, and finished the trilogy before watching the Swedish movies.

Soooo here I am. I’m one novel deep and intensely anticipating the next two books of the trilogy. More and more information is cropping up about these films, including the bomb today that Lionsgate dropped, that the trilogy will be made into 4 films rather than 3. Money trap? Probably. Book 1 would fit perfectly into one decent length film. BUT, I will save my judgement for when I complete the series. 

Upon researching this film a little further, I must say I can’t wait to see these novels transformed for the big screen. As with all novel adaptations, let’s hope for accuracy, drama, and excellent acting!



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