Posted by: popcouver | June 2, 2011

A Message from PK to Popcouverites

My Dearest Popcouverites,

Oh how I have missed you! You probably didn’t notice I was gone because T has been doing such an amazing job pulling my weight, but I have been gone for a whole MONTH! That is right, my last blog post was April 28th! This is because I have been traveling and moving! I was on a road-trip with my amazing sister and than on a Caribbean getaway with the man all before I moved into my new home for the summer in the Prairies! That is right, I sadly left the beautiful city of Vancouver to live in Saskatchewan for the summer. Not to worry I will be moving back to the Couve in late August! But I must apologize because although I didn’t have internet for 3 weeks, I did have it last week, and still didn’t blog. Now the only excuse I have for this is that I was still getting settled in the Prairies and that I fell in love a little thing called The Hunger Games and it took all my free time away. Now I know that is no excuse and I have been slacking this past month, but I am making a pack to you that I will get back on the blogging train starting right now!

Here are my comments about a few things I have missed in the last month!

1. I really appreciated Taryn’s review of Something Borrowed, however I had some mixed feelings. This is because Something Borrowed is one of my favorite books. Now I have a lot of favorite books, but this one has been on my favorites list since highschool, and comes with a lot of awesome memories. I have read all of Emily Giffin’s books and really love them all. They aren’t always easy to read, as I have been known to put one down for an extended period of time because I am mad at the main character (Yes, I am aware they are fictional), but that just shows how believable  they are as characters. Now this takes us to the movie. I think like most movies based on a novel, it is always going to be better if you already love the book. I did agree with everything Taryn had to say about the bad wig, how John Krasinski steals the show (love the twist of making him the Ethan character and the Hilary character from the book), and how the Dex character was dull. But I have to say that I think Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin did an excellent job of capturing the life long friendship that is described in the book.  The way Kate Hudson played Darcy was a pretty great adaptation of the book. My final word on it is that if you have read Something Borrowed and loved it, then go see the movie! It will be a good guilty pleasure, and might make you phone your best-friend from home like it made me.

2. The Harry Potter cast describing the franchise and their experience in one word made me tear. That is all I can say about that.

3. OMG Twilight. Way to pull me out of the Hunger Games, and get me excited about Breaking Dawn again! I watched the trailer sneak peak and squealed. Popcouver will definitely be tweeting and blogging their feelings after the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday! Remember to tune in and watch the new Twilight trailer, as well as the moment the crazy twihard in me has been waiting for, the Best Kiss ! Will they kiss? Will they dodge it again? Will they even win again!? I know. Wow PK… haha

4. THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!! I have been officially sucked in! I am two books in and cannot wait to crack open the third book! We will be giving another review of the trilogy once all of us here in the Popcouver book-club finish Mockingjay! If you haven’t read them yet go get it right away and start immediately! You will not be disappointed.


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