Posted by: popcouver | May 25, 2011

Speculations for Next Fall’s Television

Now that the Glee finale is over, the time has come for Popcouver’s review of the season finales of our favourite shows, and obviously also the time for predictions for the next television season!

Gossip Girl

Season 4’s highly anticipated finale delivered in terms of fashion, beauty, music, and drama. Was it a surprising episode? Not so much. The love-hate Chuck and Blair relationship continued at full speed, with Chuck letting Blair go with the Prince, Louis, because he loves her TOO much to sentence her to the heart-wrenching agony of their love for one another. Not surprised. At the end of the episode, Blair tells Serena to prepare for a fall wedding… just in time for Chuck to come to his senses in the beginning of Season 5? Probably. Also, Serena finds herself in California for the summer where she falls right into a deal working in film. Before you roll your eyes, remember that this relates directly to the novels where Serena is a complete celebrity and socialite. The finale ended with Dorota finding a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom that both Serena and Blair share.

Predictions: Well, like I said above, Chuck is obviously going to crash into the wedding, declaring his love for Blair. Or Louis will see how Chair looks at each other and leave Blair heartbroken at the Altar. I can’t see Blair facing a divorce later in the series, so this relationship will have to end BEFORE the ‘I do’s’. Serena is obviously going to meet a new boy, either an actor or producer on the set of “The Beautiful and the Damned” and they might even try to get her to star in the film. Vanessa will continue to be a massive bitch from afar, and Dan will hopefully get a NICE girl who likes him, as opposed to all the crazies. I am also crossing my fingers for Happy Nate at some point, because Chace Crawford looks way hotter when he’s smiling. Oh, and the fabulous fashion will continue, obviously. That’s why we love them! 


I actually really enjoyed this episode. I suppose this isn’t surprising, since I love basically everything and anything that has to do with New York, but whatever. The Glee Cast was at their best in this high energy finale. We got all the best elements of Glee- a duet between Rachel and Finn, a duet between Rachel and Kurt, adorable and happy endings to relationships that avoided getting sappy… I could have removed Mr. Schu’s solo, but you can’t have everything in life! Regardless, I love me a happy ending.

Predictions for Season 3: Well, we finally have Rachel and Finn back together (as we should!) so they’ll obviously keep them together and happy for awhile, at least. I wouldn’t hate a relationship between Brittany and Santana, but I’m not sure if they’ll go that way. I think a more likely plotline will be some sort of issue between Kurt and Blaine. I hate to say it, but they can’t keep them happy and adorable forever. Hopefully we get more romantic moments between them in Season 3! I also hope to see something blossom further between Mercedes and Sam, because that was out of NOWHERE and so so sweet. We’ll obviously return to Nationals again next season, and potentially take it home! It’ll be hosted elsewhere though- maybe LA?

Grey’s Anatomy

I can’t say much for repeated storylines, so I’m not sure this finale set up many exciting storyline for Season 988992 of Grey’s. Unwanted pregnancy for Cristina? Check. Conflict between Mer and Der? Check. Potential loss of job for Meredith, tension between Little Grey and McSteamy, and high emotions for Karev? Seriously, there is a reason shows are NOT MEANT TO GO ON THIS LONG. Redeeming qualities of the finale: Zhola, the cutest baby actress of all time. And Hunt being adorable and ginge, until he went a little spastic anyways.

Predictions for Season 9000: More MerDer conflict, Cristina continuing to be cold-hearted, and Lexi flirting it up with Sloan until we POTENTIALLY get a hookup in the on-call room. This show is really losing its heat. I honestly don’t know if I care enough to realllly speculate. I suppose I could speculate that it’ll go back to its roots from Season 1 and 2? Although I don’t see that as very likely.

The Vampire Diaries

Now THIS is a season finale that I can rave about! Vamp Dias has continued its reign as the most shocking and entertaining show on television… or at least on The CW. But that doesn’t do its writers justice. This finale was unpredictable and intense, fast paced and upsetting. And unlike Glee or GG or Grey’s, it left the viewers with so many questions. It is impossible to tell what is going to happen with Jeremy’s haunting, if Matt and Caroline will work things out, or what will happen between Elena and Damon now that Stephen is paying out his debt to Klaus. Regardless, it’s going to keep viewers on the edge of our seats!

Predictions: I don’t know if I can even try. Hopefully Stephen will return quickly and sweep Elena off her feet. However, there is no denying the possibility of DAMON AND ELENAAAA, which will hopefully provide some steamy makeouts and shirtless scenes. Also, there’s definitely going to be some new characters to keep the show interesting, as well as the return of any and all characters that have died throughout the series’ first two seasons.  Which, let’s face it, is a LOT of characters. This is going to be fun!

So there we have it. Opinions? Thoughts? What do you guys think is coming next fall?


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