Posted by: popcouver | May 12, 2011

Something Borrowed Review

Guilty Pleasure #1: Complete

Alright, in truthfulness, I was naive going into this movie. I thought it was going to be a heartwarming rom-com with a twist… like maybe Kate Hudson’s character realizes she’s horrible and hands over the hottie/Tom Cruise dude, or Ginnifer Goodwin’s character realizes John Krasinski is a FINE FINE PIECE OF MAN and jumps his bones. Even as I was watching the film, I was crossing my fingers, thinking that it COULDN’T be THAT predictable. Alas, my naivety wins.

As far as the cast goes, the film was well done. Kate Hudson was indeed perfect for this role, and she managed to play the annoying-diva-best-friend in a way that didn’t really annoy me. Ginnifer Goodwin was endearing and cute, despite her treacherous adultery and terrible wig. John Krasinski obviously won overall, for his hilarious comedic timing, facial expressions, and guy-next-door look. That other guy, that played Dex, is boring. If he never again surfaces in film, I wouldn’t even be sad. Yes, he was pretty, but characters like his always make me wonder. What was the casting call for that role? “Brown hair, blue eyes, non-Jersey Shore-looking tanned skin, abs that can be flashed in casual manner, with a look that can flip between Douchebag and Sweetheart”? It makes me instantly dislike the actor, unless he’s funny. Which this dude isn’t. (His name is Colin Egglesfield, by the way. I know. Poor him.)

Anyhow, onto the film itself. To be fair, the novel, by Emily Griffin, comes with a sequel, Something Blue, which apparently wraps up a lot of loose ends. Producers for the film are hoping that they will get to film the sequel, but let’s get serious, with reviews like mine popping up all over the WorldWideWeb, it’s probably not likely. I can, however, see how this storyline would be more appealing in novel form. I may have to get it out of the library, just to find out. In Chick Lit, women tend to find solidarity a more compelling emotion, but in the film version, that solidarity is lost. 

Ginnifer Goodwin’s character is the typical dowdy, unconfident, studious girl who never gets the guy. She’s sweet enough that you almost want her to take the guy for her own, but there’s always a lingering feeling that amongst all the cheating, humanity has lost all class. Kate Hudson plays her character in a slightly endearing way, so she doesn’t become a total villain. However, should she not be the victim? Despite their TERRIBLE hair, (who did styling on this film?) each woman did what she could with what she was given.

Regardless, the film was entertaining. I wish it had ended differently, but usually that is the case with a rom-com. It ended on a depressing note, almost as if the moral was: People suck, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be miserable forever. Tragic? Kind of. I’ll let you know how the book is.


  1. The film seems to think that we will find something entertaining about Darcy just because she’s played by Kate Hudson. It’s hard to imagine a worse miscalculation. Just a plain old, terrible film that I couldn’t stand after awhile. Good review, check out mine when you can!

  2. […] I really appreciated Taryn’s review of Something Borrowed, however I had some mixed feelings. This is because Something Borrowed is one of my favorite books. […]

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