Posted by: popcouver | April 18, 2011

RPattz and KStew finally decide to stop hiding their LOURVE!

Well, well, well, its about time you two! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have spent about two years hiding and not answering questions about their supposed relationship. But finally last night, it looks like they tired of trying to hide out. On the way out of the premiere of RPattz new film Water For Elephants they held hands as they made their way through paps to the car and then shared a kiss in the car in clear sight of multiple cameras. It looks like these two weren’t trying to make a spectacle, but more so that they were very happy and caught up in the moment.

These photos are just too cute! I love how happy they look! It is about time they went out in public behaving naturally. I am glad that RPattz is having so much fun promoting his new movie. I guess having KStew with him seems to help. RPattz has seemed pretty happy at all the promotions he has been doing for the film. We here at Popcouve L-O-V-E-D the book version of Water for Elephants and can’t wait for Friday to go and see it ourselves! Check back here on Friday for a movie review! Right now check out how happy he is in all these promotional videos.


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