Posted by: popcouver | April 11, 2011

Twilight Insider Report

As we reported earlier in the year, the cast of Twilight has been here in Beautiful British Columbia since February. However, they have been doing a very good job of keeping tight security on the Breaking Dawn set, and we Twihards have got very few opportunities to see what they are up to in the Couve. However, recently we have have heard a few updates through the grapevine from 2 Twilight Insiders. This is what they had to say:

– One insider, who works as part of production security says that the whole cast has been filming in the Squamish area, which we already knew, and trying to stay out of the city. We also learned from this insider that production is almost done! That’s right, we have heard that filming will be done on the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn as of Friday April 15th.

– This same insider reports that KStew has recently saved a dog from a shelter and named him Bear! How cute. Also cute, is the fact that RPattz while doing interviews for Water for Elephants, his new movie out April 22nd, said that HE just got a new dog named Bear. So it looks like if our insider is correct, that KStew and RPattz have taken their relationship to the next step and purchased a pet together. Adorbs.

– Our other Twilight Insider we got info from works as a stunt double for KStew and didn’t have anything too juicy to report other than the fact that KStew is one of the nicest people she knows, and apparently very unawkward in real life out of the spotlight. She had a cute story about KStew giving her the pants off her body when she ripped her own, because KStew had some extra sweats to change into. Again, how cute is that.

Sounds like KStew and RPattz are as down to earth as we had hoped! Thanks Insiders for these cute updates!

We also have learned, that on Saturday most of the cast got together in Squamish to celebrate Kristen’s 21st birthday as well as have a final Wrap Party for Breaking Dawn! Although security was tight, some super sneaky pap got pics of the party from quite far away.

Despite that these are horrible pictures and really hard to see anything in, I would say it looks like it was a pretty normal, down to earth sort of party.It looks like RPattz enjoyed himself on TayLauts motorcycle for a while during the party. Also there and playing around on the motorcycle, with supervision from its owner was Lily Collins, TayLauts new costar in Abduction and supposed new fling. They were also pictured together out and about in Squamish last week getting sushi. We are glad to see KStew, RPattz, and TayLaut all having a good time and enjoying the celebration.

It is kinda sad to think that after 3 years of these guys coming up here to the Couve, we still haven’t casually bumped into each other and all become besties as I always predicted we would. Here’s hoping it happens by Friday!


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