Posted by: popcouver | March 21, 2011

Vancouver Fashionistas! Swap your Frocks!

Is your wardrobe feeling drab? Are you wishing that you could buy new spring clothes but you’re too broke to hit the mall? Never fear, Popcouverites, because we have the solution for you! Rather than throw away rejected garments, why not recycle old clothing by trading it for new pieces with this year’s Frock Swap? Once Loved Threads founders Marjolyn Ustaris and Danielle Ow started the Frock Swap right here in the Couve as a sustainable opportunity to pass on your loved articles of clothing and replenish your closet with new pieces that you will love and wear. Danielle and Marjolyn are constantly evolving and improving the show, upping the quality of the experience each time.

People can use the Frock Swap to give their once-loved items a second chance with a new owner, rather than throwing them away, while also having the chance to find new items for spring!  Not only is the Frock Swap is affordable (it’s only $4 to register) and sustainable, but it’s also a fun event that features snacks, drinks, and other friendly swappers. Plus, any leftover donations are sent to different Vancouver-based programs that need clothing donations, such as the Wish Foundation, Covenant House, the Women’s Shelter, and Dress for Success.

The founder’s favorite swapper items? MJ found the Burberry-inspired plaid scarf that she was wearing when we had our interview, and Danielle once found a gorgeous pair of brown suede boots with a stacked heel that fit perfectly. They also told me about a girl that scored a Betsey Johnson prom dress at a past swap!

Donated items can be clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, anything that is still clean, in good shape, and wearable. The girls ask that all swappers inspect their donations for stains and flaws and drop them off clean and folded, ready to go! There is a maximum of 15 items per swapper, and swappers receive one ticket per item donated. If you donate 5 items, you can take home up to 5 new items for your spring enjoyment! MJ and Danielle ask that people try to stay on season for spring, but unique styles and vintage are welcome, as long as they are wearable.

The Frock Swap drop-off is Saturday, April 16, at the Box Studios.

Frock Swap 6.0 doors open at 12:00 pm on Sunday, April 17 at Box Studios.

Click here for more info.

Click here to register.

Click here to check out Marjolyn’s fashion blog!

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