Posted by: popcouver | March 20, 2011

TV Hiatuses. Hiati? Whatever.

However you want to spell them, breaks from our favorite TV shows are really bloody annoying. I understand that they probably boost ratings, and that this way a season lasts longer, which means that the summer break is shorter than it would be otherwise, but I’m too impatient to wait over a month to see the next episode of my shows!

Although, me and the rest of the student world out there can PROBABLY use this break for our studies. Egad.

So here’s a go-to guide of our FAVE Popcouver shows, where they left off and when they’re back!

Gossip Girl

Dan and Blair were about to kiss as the last episode ended…. what does this mean?! Personally, I feel like this cross-class relationship will be shortlived. I’m also kind of hoping that Chair is back together before Season 5!!!

Gossip Girl 4×18 will air on April 4.

Vampire Diaries

When we left Damon, Stefan, Elena, and Katherine, it seems that they were going to work together to take down Klaus. But in the promo, we see that Elena’s birth mother is back. Wuh ohhhh. Katherine is totally going to turn on them now that she has a new potential allie.

Vamp Dias will be back on April 7.


We just left New Directions as the winners of Regionals, and onto the road to Nationals! No one seems to know exactly how this hiatus is going to go, but it seems like most people agree that the 17th episode of the season will air on April 19. Will Quinn and Finn stick together? Will Rachel win him back? What about Brittany and Santana, Kurt and Blaine (eeeeeee!), and Tina and Mike?

Grey’s Anatomy

Apparently Grey’s isn’t hiatusing at all, it just took a few weeks. No confirmation on the schedule of the rest of the season, but the next new episode is this Thursday, March 24. Looks like we’ll be seeing some new love and some new worry!

And in the meantime, while we wait for our favorite shows to return, what better guilty pleasure than America’s Next Top Model?

You can’t write stuff this good.


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