Posted by: popcouver | March 4, 2011

Popcouver’s Oscar Fashion Misses

With the good, comes the bad.

It is undeniable. I hate to do it…. well no. That’s a lie.

This is the most fun part!

Here are the 2011 Oscars’s Worst Dressed Celebs.

1. Nicole Kidman in Dior

First of all, let’s appreciate how cute Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are. I literally couldn’t find a single photo that DIDN’T have Keith lurking in the background. That said, perhaps Nicole has a bit of a fame complex? Every time she accompanies Keith to an event (ie, the Grammys) she looks smokin’ hot (and therefore attracts attention) but when the event is all about her (ie, the Oscars) she gets lazy? WHAT is wrong with her bangs? and Why is does that gown have weird structure AND a slit AND a skeletal-looking-hand-thing bursting from her tummy? So unfortunate.

2. Anne Hathaway in Tom Ford

Every time Anne came out in another gown, I would think to myself, “Well she’s the host. She gets to wear lots of dresses, so she can experiment”. Then I realized, that does not excuse wearing a seemingly-sheer fabric stretched across the boobs. This dress made me uncomfortable, particularly when she started high fiving children.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein Collection AND Michael Kors

That’s right. Gwyneth is a double “don’t”. I cannot stand either of these dresses. The silver looks like tin foil, both in color and structure, and the nude is not flattering in color or shape. In both situations, I can’t handle her fake n’ bake skin or her bleachy bleach pin straight hair. After seeing her on Glee, I had started to warm up to Gwyneth, but not any more.

4. Halle Berry in Marchesa

I have seen this dress on a few Best Dressed lists and I have to say, I am against them all. The back of this gown looks like it was stapled together, and the top of it seems messy. I also didn’t think it was particularly flattering on Halle’s skin- which is gorgeous, just not with this color.

5. Michelle Williams in Chanel

I feel bad doing this, because I am a huge fan of Chanel, and I actually like this dress, in theory, but I do not appreciate the choices Michelle Williams is making lately. For her figure, I think the t-shirt style makes her look really broad, and the color against her skin and hair is plain. I could totally see this on a tall, curvy brunette with red lips and big earrings, but here, I’m just bored. (Remember the ultimate glam that Carey Mulligan wore last year? That’s what Michelle needs).

6. Marisa Tomei in Vintage Charles Worth

This dress is a tragedy. Mainly because it is 1950’s vintage, I can SEE the potential. Honestly, I have a dress that is really similar of my grandma’s that one day, I will alter and prance around the house in. If you’re going to wear vintage though, you need a tailor who can actually make it fit. Also, if the shape is particularly trendy for that time, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to alter it a bit. You know, if they’d removed the straps and took in the fabric in her torso, this might have been pretty. While I’m waving a magic wand, I’d also change the color. Maybe like more of a navy blue? I dunno. The way it is here is NOT okay.

I could be mean and continue, but I feel really good about these decisions so I think I will stop here. No sense going overboard?


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