Posted by: popcouver | February 22, 2011

Really Interesting New Renesmee Update!

HUGE BREAKING DAWN SPOILER ALERT! Do not read on if you want to go into Breaking Dawn with a virgin mind.

Soooo apparently in Breaking Dawn there is going to be a montage of Renesmee and Jacob in the future! I know! It is alluded to in the book but never really described, so it is really cool that they are adding it to the movie. We don’t know where it will be featured, perhaps when Jacob imprints, or one of Alice’s visions. We are mainly intrigued by the idea right now, not too worried. That is because the actress who will be playing grown up Renesmee has been leaked! Her name is Christie Burke and she is the spitting image of Mackenzie Foy, who is the principal actress for young Renesmee. Now remember Summit hasn’t officially released this info, but its coming from a source we have learned to trust. What do you guys think? Are you excited to see the product of Jacobs imprinting?

source Thanks Twicrack Addict!


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