Posted by: popcouver | February 20, 2011

Breaking Dawn has offically started to arrive in the COUVE!

All right Twihards, prepare yourselves. Twilight is back in Vancouver! Over the next two days the cast will be arriving in the Couve. No exact time is known yet for the main cast but some of the minor characters have already arrived. For example little Mackenzie Foy, who is playing Renesmee, arrived this evening! Rob and Kristen have been spotted in LA tonight, so our guess is that they will be showing up, probably together, sometime tomorrow. No Taylor sightings at all yet.

Breaking Dawn Cast Members Arriving at YVR

Well we have you all excited we thought we would show you a picture scooped by Mandy, from, of Bella & Edward’s cabin! Thats right, there is a legit cabin that was made, or modified here in the Couve that is being used as their house in Breaking Dawn. Check out the pics.

I can feel the anticipation in the air up here. Twilight has finally left Baton Rouge, where they have been hiding in a small town on a secured lot, and headed up here to our big city, where they will have a lot harder time hiding for the fandom. The intense fans, and paps up here in the Couve is the main reason why they filmed half the movie in Louisiana actually. We are not going to lie though, we are happy they are back! We have been having some major twi withdrawls while they have been filming in Baton Rouge, and we are glad we are actually going to get a chance to see some sneak peaks from Breaking Dawn.


Punk’d Images


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