Posted by: popcouver | February 18, 2011

Popcouver Blog Catch Up!

Hello Popcouver followers! Sorry we have been gone for so long! We have been super busy and gone from the city. That is no excuse for not blogging though, so we just want to apologize and say we promise to get right back to work. We know that most of you check other websites and blogs, so most of you know the major stuff that happened in the world in the last few weeks, so we thought we would just catch you up on the unimportant nonheadlinemaking stuff that you can only get on, so in other words random Twicrack!


  • So as a Valentine’s Day treat Summit tweeted this picture from the Breaking Dawn set! They love to give us these teasers. Well done Summit giving the twihards what they want.

  • The Swan residence is all ready for filming in the Couve! It looks like filming is all done in Baton Rouge and the cast is heading this way! Check out the picture of the set below, and the tweets that show us the cast is coming!

@NessieMackenzie “Breaking Dawn filming to wrap in Baton Rouge this Thursday. Filming resumes mid week next week in Vancouver and surrounding areas! via @TTOBR”

February 12th judishekoni “On the last stretch of baton rouge… vamps disappearing home everyday… Sad times … My last day shooting in baton rouge!!!!”
Feb 15th judishekoni Back in LA – the countdown to Vancouver begins… In the meantime let me find the sun & a palm tree I’ve missed them… 😉 

Feb 12th JanelleFroehlich/janellefro “Good bye Baton Rouge…hello LA! Big good by hugs from @alchemission, @danielcudmore, @erikodom…and Mardi Gras beads. Perfect send-off.”

  • To confirm these tweets KStew went and showed her pretty face in LA. Looks like she is wearing a cast! Wonder if she got hurt on set?? Maybe she is playing up the clumsy Bella thing too much.

WE WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED ON ALL TWILIGHT IN THE COUVE INFO WE HAVE AS SOON AS WE HAVE IT! Breaking Dawn is heading this way very soon so keep your eyes pealed for stars in the city and let us know if you run into anyone. Happy stalking!


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