Posted by: popcouver | January 12, 2011

Anthropologie is FINALLY coming to the Couve!

One of our most beloved stores in the whole wide world is finally coming to the Couve. Anthropologie, the more mature less hipster sister store of Urban Outfitters, has found a home on South Granville. It will be occupying the spot where Urban Plant recently was, across from the TNA store. Though like TNA and its sister Aritzia, we are hoping Anthropologie doesn’t become a blend of teeny-booper trends and mature clothing. I think the fact that we already have a Urban Outfitters downtown will keep the teenagers out of these more mature clothes. Not to sound too snobby, but we have always had to make special trips or special orders to have something awesome from Anthropologie and we don’t want all of a sudden all of the Couve walking around in matching outfits. That being said, we could not be more thrilled that all the Vancouverites that are already in love with Anthropologie will have a much easier time getting it. The prices are a little high, maybe comparable to something like Plenty or the high end items at Aritzia, but like any good store, even the sale items are unreal! So get ready Couve because Anthropologie will be arriving at 2912 Granville Street in the Spring!

To get a look at what Anthropologie has to offer and maybe order an item or two online check out their website here!




  1. […] news comes right on time as we just yesterday announced that Anthropologie is also making its way to the Couve this spring. I know Target is a little further off than Anthro is, but pretty soon I think us Canadians are […]

  2. SO EXCITED! And now I’m going to spend 20 minutes on their website… sigh.

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