Posted by: popcouver | January 11, 2011

Is Twilight hitting the Couve in 3 weeks??!!

Today, Katya Holloway from the Vancouver Sun was talking about how Vancouver is Hollywood North, and how there is new film projects popping up all over the place. She talked about Tom Cruise who is undercover here in the Couve filming Misison Impossible 4, and also mentioned  television series including Fringe, Hellcats and Human Target. She then finished off her article with this fun little tidbit:

And… the Twilight countdown begins. Just one month, vampire fans, until Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Launter touch down in Vancouver for filming of Breaking Dawn.

That’s right popcouverites! The wait is almost over! It is almost time for our beloved KStew and RPattz to return to our amazing city! Get your night vision goggles ready because it is just about vampire hunting season. (Wow, such a bad line. Even I am ashamed of me.) But seriously, it is going to be a lot of fun to have the Twilight cast back in our city. Thank goodness they can’t shoot everything in that secret high security studio in Baton Rouge. I am guessing lots of outdoor scenes in the outskirts of the city. Fingers crossed that the paps aren’t too annoying to the cast, but that we still get to see some good pictures. Also I wouldn’t mind bumping into RPattz and KStew out and about in the city. That wouldn’t be too bad. Yay! Can’t wait. We are such twihards.

To read the whole article in the Vancouver Sun go HERE!


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