Posted by: popcouver | December 15, 2010

“Water For Elephants” Trailer Released!!

OMG!!!!! YIPPY!!! New RPattz and in one of our favorite books! There is a lot of excitement here at Popcouve tonight. We are having trouble thinking of anything good to even write about this because there is just a lot of wooting going on inside our heads! Check out this amazing new trailer below:

If you haven’t read WFE you might not be as excited as we are, but hopefully you can appreciate the smokin hotness of Robert Pattinson! Like are you kidding me! I vote for Jacob over Edward right now! (RPattz character in WFE is named Jacob incase you are lacking in essential WFE facts) This is a great thing for us to get excited about! I love movies based on books staring RPattz! Best midexam session break ever!

ps. Sorry we have been lacking on our posts lately. As we have been studying it has been hard to sit down in front of the computer for any extra time. We promise to get better though!


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