Posted by: popcouver | November 29, 2010

Are Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal for reals?!?!

Taylor and Jake at a resturant in Nashville

We here at Popcouver are still in a little bit of a state of denial over the relationship that had bloomed between Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal. Not that we don’t love both TayTay and Jakeypoo, but they still just seem odd together. Maybe it is the age gap that is getting to us.

However, despite what people might think, Taylor and Jake are still ‘hanging out’. It is being reported that Tay and Jake spent at least two days of the American Thanksgiving holiday break together.The interesting part is that  they were not seen together in LA, they were seen together in Brooklyn, N.Y. AND Nashville, TN!

It looks like the couple were spotted in a coffee shop in Brooklyn on Thanksgiving, Thursday, and then again in Nashville, Taylor’s home town, on Saturday. It looks like the couple might have been visiting family together, as Jake’s sister Maggie lives a mere stones throw from where they were spotted in Brooklyn!

This is all pretty concrete evidence that these two might just be more than just friends. What do you guys think?? Is Jaklor Swifenhaal going to be the new “it” couple?? We have our doubts.



  1. […] were featured on the cover of US Weekly hand in hand over the Thanksgiving Weekend in Brooklynn! Although we already reported this report, these photos were brand new and only featured in US. How did US get these? Some people have been […]

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