Posted by: popcouver | November 29, 2010

127 Hours Review

One Word: Oscar.

Now this is a movie that deserves some praise. Director Danny Boyle manages to make a high-budget film feel indie and intimate.

I suppose no matter the director or the style of film, the story of a man and a rock is bound to feel intimate. But seriously, ya’ll.

James Franco shows everyone just how amazing of an actor he is in this 2 hour long film portraying the real life experience of Aron Ralston, the American hiker who was forced to amputate his own right arm in order to save his life.

Because the audience is already aware of the storyline, you find that you notice the details more. Such as when Franco fills his water bottle at the beginning of the film, not minding that some of the water ran down the drain. An hour and a half later, his characters feels a little different about that.

The film was also impressive because it managed to create a story of personal betterment and growth. Franco’s character learns that asking for help and seeing assistance doesn’t mean you are weak. He also learns to count his blessing and be appreciative for his family and friends.

One thing I would love to witness is watching someone at the film who DOESN’T know the story! If you have a friend that hasn’t heard of the film or the story of Aron, take them! And watch them watch the film.

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