Posted by: popcouver | November 6, 2010

Blake Lively News

Across the web, there is currently speculation about Blake Lively’s recent dinner meeting with Leonardo Dicaprio. Apparently Baz Luhrman was also at the meeting, which was put in place to discuss Lively as the female lead of Luhrman’s remake of The Great Gatsby.

Leonardo Dicaprio is probably the perfect Jay Gatsby. But I’m not totally sure if Blake Lively is the perfect Daisy Buchanan. Being my absolute favorite book of all time, I struggle to peg exactly who would be my Daisy. She needs to be young, naive, exciting, beautiful. But not only that- she needs that perfect essence of daintiess… almost like a weakness? Keira Knightly might be more the right feel for me. Or Natalie Portman. But they might not be fun enough? Blake definitely has that carefree feel and look, but I feel like Blake would put too much hip into the performance, if you know what I mean. Blake has a ‘tude when she acts. Besides, to wear the 20’s style dresses, they would have to tape down her chest to contain the beasts in a flapper dress.

Can we appreciate how smokin’ hot Leo will look in a fedora though? I can’t wait to hear more about this film as it develops!

In other news, blogs and fashion magazines alike have also been discussing Blake’s most recent red (purple?) carpet appearance, at the Realm Boutique event last week.

People are losing their minds over this look, but I think it’s fantastic! Granted, I am a big fan of all these items: the booties, the high waisted A-line skirt, the oversized men’s shirt, the extra-long belt.

Criticisms have come about due to the shirt-tails which are peeking out below the skirt’s hem, but isn’t that the whole fun of being all leg? I’m not sure I would pull my shirt-tails out that far but I still think it’s kind of a fun look.

But still! I think the look as a whole is adorable! The mix of feminine and masculine is just right, as is the mix of flirty and edgy. No? I also think the belt breaks up the black and blue and the iridescent sparkles add some fun to the skirt.

Don’t stress, Blake. We are loving it! And we’re off to mimic the look with what we’ve got in our own closet.


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