Posted by: popcouver | October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween to the Couve!

Hey Ya’ll!

Halloween is just around the corner (ie, tomorrow) and we at Popcouver are pretty excited about the costumes, candy, and social events!

Lacking a costume for tonight? Never fear. Popcouver is giving you a few suggestions to make it a quick and painless venture!

1) Bed Intruder Costume

If you haven’t seen the Bed Intruder video by Antoine Dobson and Auto-Tune the news, then hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, and click here.

Now that we are all caught up, how about going as the Bed Intruder? It’s too late to order your official costume via the internet, but this is an easy peasy costume. Throw on a black wifebeater, tie your hair up in a red bandana, and grab a bus schedule to wave at everyone. Set to go! Learning the entire song by heart isn’t a bad idea either.

2) Lady Gaga

The best thing about this costume, is that you can literally just throw random things all over yourself and say you are the Lady herself. Think some random sunglasses, a cardboard box as a hat, and some aluminum foil for a shirt. Presto! If you have some lizard-eque Alexander McQueen heels kicking around, they would be a lovely addition.

3) Edward Cullen/Bella Swan

Okay, maybe no self-respecting guy would dress up as Edward unless forced by his girlfriend. Or mom. But both of these costumes are super quick and easy. Simultaneously being the most loved and most mocked franchise of all time, everyone knows what Bella and Edward look like. For him, throw on some Ray Bans, a grey peacoat and gel up that hair! For Bella, any of your American Eagle brand clothing will work. Maybe throw in a childish looking sweater and a headband for good measure. Presto!

There! Now you don’t have any excuse not to go out and have a fantastic Halloween weekend! If all else fails, mess up your hair, rip up your clothes, get some fake blood and tell people you’re a zombie.

What would you do without us?


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