Posted by: popcouver | October 25, 2010

‘Speak Now’ Dissected

Hey guys so here at Popcouver we have been listening to Tay Swift’s new album Speak Now which was released today, and we LOVVVVE it! But being the huge Tay Swift fans we are we have been dissecting each song and trying to figure out who they are about! This is what we think:

1) Mine – This is all based on one time when a guy just put his arm around her at the beach, and what could have been from that. Not sure who the guy is, but she said they did “sit there by the water” and he did “put his arm around her for the first time”.

2) Sparks Fly – This song is a happy love songs about  a good relationship, not necessarily specific to anyone. Maybe something she wants in the future?

3) Back to December – This one screams Taylor Lautner! SOOO OBVIOUS! The couple started dating last summer and he apparently flew out to her home for her birthday which is Dec 13, when she broke up with him. She was apparently surrounded by friends and family and felt smothered by his surprise arrival, and dumped him. He had been flying all over the country between Twilight and her concerts to see her and she reportedly hadn’t been giving the same effort. Looks like she is really regretting that decision now. Makes us miss good ol’ TaySquared! They were the cutest.

4) Speak Now -we believe this one is completely fictional but a cute story

5) Dear John – Until now we never believed that Taylor Swift had any kind of relationship with John Mayer, but this song changed our minds.

6) Mean – We think this song has to do with bullying in general and the hard times she had in high school when everyone teased her for singing country.

7) The Story of Us – Taylor takes another stab at Joe Jonas in this one. Seems she has taken a more mature approach to the relationship but nonetheless she still blames him.

8 ) Never Grow Up – We think this one is about her from her parents point of view. Seeing her grow up so fast surrounded by fame, they just wanted her to stay her little girl forever. Super cute!

9) Enchanted – ADORABLE!

10) Better Than Revenge – This one is a hilarious attack at Camilla Belle who stole Joe Jonas from her years back. Take That!!!

11) Innocent – One word, Kanye. We think this song is a very mature way of dealing with the situation. She expresses that the past is the past and has moved on and Kanye can do the same. Way to be the bigger person!

12) Haunted – This one puzzles us, but we feel like there is a good story behind it! Any one have any ideas?

13) Last Kiss – very painful song. Don’t know if this is about her or a close friend?

14) Long Live – A song about her singing career and her experience with her band

15) Ours – We think this is just a happy love song about her time dating Cory Monteith where nothing dramatic happened between them but they where caught in the spotlight the whole time.

16) If This Was A Movie – The new break-up song. Something all girls wish after a bad break-up. This could be about many of the men in her life! Where hoping this ones for Tay Laut tooo!

17) Superman – This song seems to be about a more mature man than she usually sings about. Maybe this gives us a clue to what she’s looking for now!

ps It has been rumored that Tay spent the weekend with Jake Gyllenhaal in New York. Maybe on her next album there will be a song about him!

Stand by for updates on that!

UPDATE: There are pictures and a report that they hungout at SNL together and spent the weekend all over the place in NYC. Check out the picture that perez got below! This is mind blowing!  They are only 9 years apart. It is do able, but its still hard to imagine. What do you guys think of the new couple  Swifenhall??


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