Posted by: popcouver | October 11, 2010

HP7.1 is 3D No Longer

Great news, Potterheads!

The Deathly Hallows Part 1 will no longer be released in 3D, says a statement from Warner Bros.

Apparently the studio was having issues with converting the film into 3D quickly enough for the November 19 release date. I supposed it makes sense, for Harry fans were NOT very thrilled when the release date for the Half-Blood Prince was pushed back half a year.

Personally, I’m thrilled. This way I won’t have to make a decision between 3D and 2D on that fateful Friday night. Besides, the Harry Potter series is amazing enough on its own, it doesn’t need added visual effects and an extra dimension to make it a hit. The books are completely plot-driver, so this is a little closer to the original. PLUS, we aren’t going to be stuck paying an extra $4 for our tickets. Win-win situation, I think!

WB says that HP7.2 will still be released in 3D come July. Meh. We’ll see about that. Keep those fingers crossed!

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