Posted by: popcouver | September 23, 2010

Crisis Averted: Breaking Dawn will NOT be 3D

And all is right with the world.

The terror known as 3D movies that has been sweeping the globe will NOT be taking Twilight as its next victim.

As wounded as I already am due to the horrific fact that HP7 is being released in 3D, I am praising the Hollywood gods at Summit for stopping the madness and refusing to show Bella’s immortal life in 3D.

It was kind of a cool concept, having Bella’s afterlife in 3D and her human life in 2D, but I am thrilled with the final decision.

Let’s get serious. If Melissa Rosenberg has already confirmed feathers, sex, and birth, then 3D is unnecessary for a steamy and sexy Breaking Dawn.

God. Can’t wait!

Now I’ll get back to playing the new HP trailer over and over and over.


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