Posted by: popcouver | September 11, 2010

We flipped for Flipped!

Okay, okay. The play on words was right there, we had to take advantage of it.

Regardless of our post’s title, our message is clear: Get down to the nearest theatre and spend your pennies to see Flipped. It’s the first movie we’ve seen in a long time which made us feel happy, sad, heartbroken, and joyous, all in one. It brings you back to the mindset of a child, where the trials and tribulations between boys and girls are the biggest deal of your life. But don’t think that the film is simple. It has depth which you wouldn’t expect.

Just go. It’s so satisfying. You won’t be sorry. I think these two newcomers, Madeline Carrol and Callan McAuliffe, have successful careers ahead of them. Oh so cute. If you don’t “Awwwwh” your way through the theatre, Popcouver will refund your ticket. I’m not scared!

Chop, chop, kiddies. It’s showing at Fifth Ave!



  1. OMG! i saw it and i loved it there were tears, and laughs and awkward moments! sooo great! no refund needed here!

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