Posted by: popcouver | August 16, 2010


Well it is about time! Finally after at least a year of sneaking around, Robsten was caught smooching in Montreal. Now these are pretty crappy pap photos which we are not the biggest fans of, but we will deal to get confirmation. Now that they have been caught I am hoping that they might be a little bit more open in public and that the paps will give them a little bit more room to breath! I am hoping that they might be able to live life a little more freely, but let’s be serious twihards are only going to want more now! and paps are going to try to get it for them. Oh well at least they look happy together!

I love TomStu creeping in the background. soo funny




  1. Omg i cant belive it finelly they get caught hoiw can they denie that Its right there in the pic well and least we know now

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