Posted by: popcouver | August 13, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud Review

Uhmmmm. Okay. Confession. I’ve never been that into Zac Efron. I’ve always felt he was a tad too childlike and WAY too annoying. As well as a terrible actor. And ugly.

But, Popcouverites, I have been reformed. Officially a HUGE Zefron fan. Oh my goodness gracious- he was SMOKING HOT IN THIS FILM! Pant pant pant.

Also pant-worthy, blockbuster newbie Amanda Crew playing Tess Carrol opposite sexy sexy Zac Efron. A Couve native (she was born in Langley!), Amanda has done some previous work on very Van-Like television. Like Smallville. Who HASN’T had a small role on Smallville? Amanda was also a random in John Tucker Must Die. Anyhow, she totally comes into herself in this film. The chemistry between these two was TO DIE FOR. If you’re recently single (ahem. like me.) you will LOVE it.

Now for the actual review. SPOILERS ALERT!

I was impressed! I have been sucked in by well-made trailers already this summer. Cough cough, Letters to Juliet, Get Him To The Greek.

But this film actually lived up to the trailer! There were twists and shifts within the movie but it also followed that frantic love story that we all want to see. Unfortunately, both the plot and the actors lose a little steam towards the end. And the screenwriter must have been seriously low on caffeine because there were a few lines that made us laugh out loud. Movie producers and directors should seriously start asking Popcouver our opinions first to avoid lines such as, “We’ll always be brothers” and to eliminate random quotes by e.e. cummings. Le sigh. However, despite the pathetic attempts at metaphor and symbolism, I enjoyed the film. And the little brother, played by Charlie Tahan, was hilarious. And oh so cute. My sister has decided that he’s going to be huge one day. I hope so! Then Zefron can claim it was all thanks to him. Haa.

Also a crucial character in the storyline is the beautiful landscapes of the Couve itself! Throughout the film, we were wondering where it was filmed. Then I remembered that Amanda is a Vancouverite. Then I recognized a few key locations. IMDB confirmed it and presto! Instant publicity for this fabulous city. God I love the ocean. I kinda wanna meet a sailor now? Note to self.

Anyhow, moral of the story: You win, Zac Efron. Yes, I will be watching your next movie. And please, god, let Amanda Crew be the next Amanda Seyfried. Because I LOVE her. Big nose and all. (Pay attention during the steamy parts!)


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