Posted by: popcouver | August 12, 2010

100 Days to HP7.1

100 days! 100 days! 100 days!


Start working on your costumes nowwwwww!

But don’t dress up as Luna, because I have that dibsed.

Click here to check out the official Harry Potter UK Facebook fan page, where Emma posted a video (featuring her adorable new hair!) discussing a contest…. However, don’t get too excited like I did, because it’s only for silly Brits.

I shall start scouring for Canadian contests!

Looooooooooove HP.


The split of the two films has been CONFIRMED! Oh god, just reading this almost brought tears to my eyes. Part 1 will end with Voldemort acquiring The Elder Wand from Dumbledore’s tomb. Holy bajeezus! Poor Harry. Ron: “Well, let’s hurry! Let’s go get the wand!” Harry: “It’s too late. He’s already there. Dumbledore was right, Horcruxes, not Hallows.”

Ohhhhhh Harry. ❤


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