Posted by: popcouver | August 11, 2010

Tom Stu (aka. RPattz BFF) is filming ‘On The Road’ with KStew

Incase you have been out of the Kristen Stewart rumour loop lately, let me bring you up to speed. KStew is currently filming ‘On The Road’, the film adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel.  Filming is taking place in Montreal right now, which is why KStew sadly wasn’t at the Teen Choice Awards. Rumours started flying earlier this week when pictures emerged of Kristen and Tom Sturridge, Robert Pattinsons BFF from London, out and about with a few of Kristen’s fellow cast members in Montreal. See Picture below:

Now obviously the rumours were that KStew was no longer or never was dating RPattz and is in fact shaking up with Tom Stu! This is false. Gossip Cop has confirmed that Tom Stu is part of the ‘On The Road’ cast. His rep confirmed he is in the film, but not who he will be playing yet. Our guess is Carlo.

Along with this info came more Robsten confirmation! RPattz was spotted by an Air Canada employee flying into Montreal yesterday! This Air Canada source is the same one that spotted KStew arriving in Montreal and is apparently trust worthy. Check out here facebook update below:

So I know this all seems kinda stalkerish but we just wanted to help clear the air on the situation. It sounds like RPattz is starting to enjoy his break  since he finished filming ‘Water For Elephants’ and doesn’t have anything on the agenda until ‘Breaking Dawn’ starts up.  I can not blame him for wanting to head to Montreal for his holiday, his bestie and ladylove are both working on the same film in the beautiful Canadian city! That would be enough for me. Hope you have a good time up there RPattz. Make sure you show your pretty face around Montreal for our viewing pleasure!


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