Posted by: popcouver | August 10, 2010

Florence + MTV

HALLELUJAH! Finally, someone in North America has begun to realize our sick sick love for British indie band, Florence + The Machine.

Having opened for bands such as The Ting Tings before, F+TM is becoming more and more popular with the Popcouverite demographic. If you haven’t already scored their newest album, Lungs, get your booty over to iTunes right now and prepare to be blown away. Perhaps this newfound popularity is due to F+TM’s coveted spot on the Eclipse soundtrack? Mayhaps!

Florence and the band are slated to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12. Yes friendsies, that IS just one day before the premiere for Gossip Girl Season 4!

We looooooove the MTV VMAs. It’s probably our favorite time of year. And now our newest obsession will be performing? Amen!

Countdown’s ON! Ayiiiiiiiiii!

Now we just need them to come to Vancouver! We’ll keep you guys posted!

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