Posted by: popcouver | August 8, 2010

Love The Way You Lie

Eminem and Rihanna have released the video for “Love The Way You Lie”! Obviously judging from the lyrics, this song is very close to Rihanna’s own past experiences with relationship abuse. I am a little concerned about actually showing this level of physical abuse in a music video that children will be watching. It’s definitely intense.

I absolutely love the song, having a weak spot for Eminem, and I also kinda love the video! What do you guys think? Megan Fox is actually kinda of satisfying, and that dude is terrifying. Love the shout-out to the prairies with Eminem! What about Rihanna? Obviously her pipes have made this single the hit that it is, but what about her hair? I liked the red originally but in this video it’s kinda taking me back to Kelly Osbourne, circa 2002. Maybe it’s just the headband. I unno, ya’ll.



  1. Love Rihanna’s hair and the song it self.. It’s great

  2. I’m iffy about the video. I LOOOVE the song, but the video is just ok. I hate when the plot of the video follows the lyrics to a T, so maybe that’s why this one bugs me! The hair is also a little much. OK wow Negative Nancy. I do really love the song though!

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