Posted by: popcouver | July 21, 2010

Nicholas Sparks, how I love thee.

Ask the average person on the street what they think about romance author Nicholas Sparks and you’ll probably get an answer something along the lines of, “He writes good movies”. This seems to be a fact. A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, and Nights at Rodanthe are absolute classics! And more recently, Dear John and The Last Song both proved to be legitimately successful at the box office.

Now, before this summer, I have never read a Nicholas Sparks novel. Being an English Literature major, I found him somewhat below my superior reading comprehension. However, when a non-reader friend prompted me to borrow her copy of Dear John to read, I was intrigued. Why was she so obsessed with this heart-wrenching love story while anyone else I asked had to control their gag reflexes?

Being a huge fan of the films, I decided to take the plunge. And I was shockingly satisfied! I don’t know if it is the summer vibe, or the hot weather, or the break from academic reading, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the novel and comparing it to the Amanda Seyfried-Channing Tatum love fest on screen. Sure, sure, it follows the format of all his other stories. Summer love, death, separation, heartbreak, reunion, more heartbreak, etc etc. But there was something between the lines, in addition to the tacky storyline that was so endearing that I couldn’t stop reading.

Come on. I can’t be the only one. People are buying these books. He’s a New York Times Bestselling Author! I mean, so is Lauren Conrad (love love her), but that’s another post altogether.

Long story short, I continued my Spark-Spree with The Last Song, and now I have a hankering for some quality Miley Cyrus (since when?! I may be turning over to the dark side…). Excuse me while I blast “Can’t Be Tamed” as I await the August DVD release date of the film version. Next up for my summer reading? God only knows.

Seond opionion from Popcouverite: I have also just joined the Nicholas Sparks band waggon. About 5yrs ago I read ‘The Note Book’ and could barely keep my eyes open, but now I can’t put ‘The Last Song’ down. I am the Miley Cyrus lover of this blogging duo, so I thought my opionion couldn’t be trusted, but now I am thinking I was on to something. I am even tempted to re-read ‘The Note Book’ to see if I have grown into Sparks, or if he is just a better writer now. PS. T – WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE.  Miley is happy to have you. Prepare yourself for countless cartrips in which you just can’t help but putting your stereo up and ‘The Climb’ on repeat! haha

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