Posted by: popcouver | July 18, 2010

Topless TayLaut

Oh summer time… how we love thee. It is a time for ice cream, a time for butterflies, a time for shorty shorts and bikinis, but most of all its time for the hot men of Hollywood to take off their clothes!! wohoo!! Even our fav werwolf hottie Taylor Lautner couldn’t keep his top on in between filming scenes for his new movie Abduction. This is surprising as TayLaut has  tried very hard in the past to keep his clothing on in public, with the exception of the Twilight set. It is yet to be seen if Taylor is going to be sans shirt in this new film or if the summer heat finally got to this 18year old heart-throb causing him to ditch the shirt between takes. Fingers crossed for Taylor that he was just hot between takes. Fingers crossed for us that the director of Abduction somehow found a way to justify a topless scene 😉 haha

wow his back is even ripped




  1. Mmmm, I heart shirtless Tay Laut! Sorry to say I may have to consider myself Team Jacob over Team Edward…

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