Posted by: popcouver | July 15, 2010

Taylor Momsen’s New Job

One face that has been noticeably absent from the Gossip Girl filming sightings has been Little J’s. Although there were rumors last season that Taylor Momsen was being let go because of attitude problems, I struggled to believe that The CW would boot the young star. No confirmation yet, but it may be likely that we won’t be seeing as much Humphrey Family time this season. Probably a good thing. We want more sexytime and more drama, not Jenny screwing everyone else over.

However, don’t worry about Taylor! She’s been plenty busy touring and recording with her band, The Pretty Reckless, even doing a special concert for Nylon Magazine in NYC.

It has also been revealed that Taylor is going to be the face of Madonna’s new juniors line for Macy’s, Material Girl, which daughter Lourdes is collaborating on. Not shocking, seeing as Taylor is one of the few teen actresses right now who would dare to rock a corset and thigh-highs. The evolution of Taylor’s style seemed to cause the evolution of Jenny’s style on Gossip Girl. Or perhaps it was the other way around? It was always hard to tell how much of it was Jenny and how much was Taylor. Regardless, I think Taylor looks great. What do you guys think? Bad role model for the juniors? Or just right for their target consumer?


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