Posted by: popcouver | July 14, 2010

Goodbye to The Hills!

Last night marked a monumental moment in history… The cast and crew of MTV’s The Hills finally spoke out about how fake the show was.

The final scene showed Kristen leaving Brody for good, and then revealed that the entire scene, and presumeably much of the show, had been shot on a Hollywood Backlot. WTF?

I mean, anyone who has read Lauren Conrad’s “fictional” book series knows that there is a whole lot more to this “reality tv” than really meets the viewer’s eye. But to end it this way KINDA just make them all look like hypocrites. And liars.

But as much as the Hillsies think they are fooling us, we know the truth. Kristin DEFINITELY wanted to date Brody, Speidi actually ARE crazy, Lo is the only normal one because she actually held onto some privacy. I’m pretty sure Justin Bobby’s lack of language skills is legit and that Audrina really doesn’t have much to contribute to conversation. Steph is attempting to tell interviewers that she was just PLAYING dumb, but I think we all know the truth there. As much as these actor/characters/publicity whores want to tell us it was all fake, I am positive that the emotion and confrontations were legit for the most part.

That being said, this show left me completely underwhelmed… I suppose it would have been too much to have Lo become engaged, Steph to fall madly in love, and Kristin and Brody to end up together, just to emerge half an hour later on MTV to show none of it had been legit. Fair enough, MTV. Thanks for the hours of entertainment and even more hours of me thanking God that I have more brains than these people. (Except you, LC. Queen of my heart.)

Another twist of the night was the lovely Spencer Pratt showing up outside Hotel Roosevelt to express just how crazy he is, once again. Fellow blogger, Perez Hilton, caught up with Spencer and managed to videotape the experience. Go to to check it out.

A big shoutout to my BFFs, Dan Levy and Jessi Cruikshank, for running yet another After Show filled with hilarity and love.

Au revoir, Le Hills. I’m sure we’ll find another guilty pleasure to replace you in no time. The Hills After Show, though, I’m truly going to miss.

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