Posted by: popcouver | July 10, 2010

GLEE is confirmed for a night of ‘Britney Bitch!’

Ryan Murphy has officially confirmed that they are busy writing a whole night of Britney Spears for an upcoming Season 2 show. Yippy! This comes as no surprise to us here at Popcouver who believe that a combo of Britney and Glee will be magic. The pop princess has sooo many fun hits that it is sure to be a night to remember. NO confirmation yet as to if BritBrit herself will be on the show, but we think she would probably be interested if asked. We are really hoping that they play up the fun-loving character Brittany played by Heather Morris for this episode. How much would she rock “It’s Britney Bitch!” haha We will just have to wait and see what happens!!

We also want to give a shout out to Glee for the 19 Emmy awards they received on Thursday. AMAZING!! This show is doing so well. We can not wait to see how they do at the show and what they come up with for next season!! I am feeling quite Gleeful about all of this! oh pun!




  1. wow!! That would be amazing.

  2. […] news about the upcoming Britney Spears episode of Glee! We already announced the show previously, but Glee creator, Ryan Murpht, has confirmed that this will be Season […]

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