Posted by: popcouver | July 8, 2010

The End of The Hills

Well everyone, the time is finally here. We are down to the absolute last episode of The Hills, ever. The last of Kristin, Brody, Audrina, Lo, Stephanie, Frankie, Justin Bobby, and Speidi. Although really, I’m sure we’ll continue to get more than our fill of these B-List celebs through the tabloids for at least a few more months.

Sad? Maybe. Maybe not.


However, what we WILL miss is MTVCanada’s The Hills After Show with Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshanks. Since the beginning of The Hills, The After Show has expanded to discuss The City as well as other pop culture and media. Not only are Dan and Jessi diamonds in the rough that is Canadian media, but their fashion sense alone keeps me tuning in week after week.

Now, last week was the final episode of The After Show in their regular Toronto studio, since the final live episode is being filmed in Hollywood with the entire cast (including the lovely Lauren Conrad!). Not going to lie, it was a TEARJERKER. Dan and Jessi just seemed so appreciative of the audience support and thankful for the opportunity to have such a unique job experience. The duo also counted down their Top Five moments on The After Show, which allowed us to look back at their dated styles from four years ago. Hilarious.

What gems. Go to to catch up on The After Show in preparation for next week!

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