Posted by: popcouver | July 7, 2010

Pranksters are sending the Biebs to North Korea??

We bring this story to you thanks to one of our fav Popcouver correspondents. It turns out internet pranksters 4Chan have it out for Justin Bieber. There must be something about this teeny booper sensation that just fills their hearts with hate, because they have set their prankster talents on the Biebs in a serious way. The Biebs had put a contest up for his fans to vote and decide what country and city his next concert for his “My World Tour” should be. 4Chan took advantage of the situation and spammed to their followers to vote for him to go to North Korea. Looks like it worked because with 659141 votes North Korea won the contest. Although we love the Biebs here and don’t want to see him going off to a dangerous foreign land, we do find 4Chan’s idea hilarious. Seriously I don’t know what the Biebs did to them, but remind me not to get on their bad side. This isn’t 4Chan’s first prank and it definitely isn’t their last. You better get brushing up on your North Korean J.Biebs because Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il is waiting for you. Good luck! haha Do you really think his people will let him go? Fingers crossed his management intercedes on this one. Well done internet. You win again.



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