Posted by: popcouver | July 2, 2010

We spoke to soon: Breaking Dawn will be filmed partially in the Couve

Looks like we jumped the gun yesterday when we announced that Breaking Dawn will be filmed in Louisiana (here). It turns out that they will be splitting the filming between Louisiana and the Couve. It sounds like the tax break and fact that they can film more remotely is taking them down south. I am guessing they will be doing most of the indoor and set filming in Louisiana and save all the outdoor filming for the Couve. As much as it pains me to say this I have to say that I see where they are coming from. As long as they will be in the Couve for at least a while and Breaking Dawn doesn’t look like True Blood than we will be okay. Check out the video of producer Wyck Godfrey below. It is kind of long, but very interesting. Check it out.

TWILIGHT Producer Wyck Godfrey TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE, BREAKING DAWNClick here for the most popular videos


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