Posted by: popcouver | July 1, 2010

It’s Offcial: Breaking Dawn is NOT coming to the COUVE!!


That was my first thought when I first read that producer Wyck Godfrey announced that they will NOT be filming The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn in the Couve. They are filming it is Louisiana!?! Riddle me this Summit: What part of Louisiana looks like the Pacific North West??? I am wondering if they are trying to make it more like True Blood. If so then they are on the right track! Seriously Summit, What did the Couve do wrong??? When the producers came to the Scotia Bank premiere of New Moon, I thought we had it in the bag!! It has to be something to do with money and contracts, because the fans were more than willing to have Breaking Dawn in the Couve. This is really to bad for us here at Popcouver because we were pretty 100% that given the opportunity to run into KStew and RPattz on the streets of the Couve we were all going to be BFFS. I hope you can sleep at night Summit knowing that you have ripped potential Besties apart. Despite the fact that they will be filming miles and miles away Popcouve will still be your #1 source for Breaking Dawn updates. This we promise. haha




  1. […] like we jumped the gun yesterday when we announced that Breaking Dawn will be filmed in Louisiana (here). It turns out that they will be splitting the filming between Louisiana and the Couve. It sounds like […]

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