Posted by: popcouver | June 30, 2010


We, your Popcouver Correspondents, were here for the third year in a row at the midnight showing of the Twilight Saga. This year we mixed it up a little bit, and attended the TRIPLE BILL, aka, the show started at 7pm with Twilight,  followed by New Moon, and finally the much-anticipated Eclipse!!!! And man was it worth the wait. There was no special visit from anyone in the Twilight world like last year, but it didn’t matter. After watching Twilight and New Moon we almost forgot that we got to see something new, but when the previews for Eclipse started we realized how they had been the perfect prep for the evening! Eclipse blew us away. As huge Twilight fans we didn’t think they could get any better, but Melissa Rosenberg got it right once again and teamed with David Slade they hit it out of the park!! SO MUCH HAPPY EDWARD!! SO MUCH TOPLESS JACOB!! SO MUCH PERFECT LOVE TRIANGLE!!! KSTEW, RPATTZ, AND TAYLAUT WERE ALL AMAZING!!! The MEADOW was perfect x 1000!!! The connection between Kristen and Rob was sensational once again, the perfect Bella and Edward. Surprisingly, the connection between Kristen and Taylor was perfect too, the perfect Bella and Jacob! That Jacob and Bella kiss was so soft and strong all at once and so human! So not Bella and Edward. I loved it, which is saying a lot as I am a member of Team Edward haha. The back stories were also quite amazing. The additional information on characters that we already love was very interesting. I can now see a new element to Rosalie and Jasper that I hadn’t seen before, which is always fun! Even without a back story, I felt like we got a way better look at a lot of the characters.   Esme, Carlisle, Charlie, Renee, Alice, Emmett, Victoria, Riley, The Volturi, and The Wolf Pack all brought their A-Game and really made this movie so much stronger!!! I don’t know what else to think yet. We for sure need a second showing of this one, maybe a third and a fourth, and a fifth as well haha. It is a little sad that we have to wait till November 2011 to see the next installment, but at least we know that re-watching Eclipse over and over is going to keep us satisfied in the months to come. How did you feel about it fellow Popcouver corespondent???? Do you agree?!

AGREED on all counts! I feel as though David Slade’s take on the film created the perfect balance of action and emotion, and the flawless Melissa Rosenberg did it again with the exact right amount of amalgamation, re-arrangments, and brand new passages. I LOVE when you can recognize entire lines or even entire conversations out of your favorite novels. Not gonna lie to you all, I was concerned about the bed scene. But NOT ANYMORE. Summit has proven that they’re capable of re-creating the Twilight world with virtually no disappointing factors within the films, as far as accuracy goes. Who can ask for more than that? If only we could say the same for Warner Bros. and HP.

Thoughts on Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria? Being a Rachelle lover myself, I was very impressed! She kept with the original character but still played her a little more conniving than LaFevre, which I thought worked! I also loved the transformation of Jasper’s character into a Civil War soldier- that southern accent made me SWOON! Also enjoyed the insight into Rosalie and PROPS to Nikki Reed. Twihards have been hard on her in the past but I have to say, I really enjoy her! I feel like Reed becomes the Rosalie straight from the book, which I obviously love to see. OH ECLIPSE. You made me so happy. 😀

Your Correspondent all ready to hit the theatre! Note the new Eclipse Cups!! Thanks again Scotiabank!

UPDATE: If you are a Twihard and a Potterhead you will be ecstatic when you go to see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse!! They played the new Harry Potter Trailer at the beginning of Eclipse which made our night before the movie had even started!

UPDATE: The small towns which are altogether inferior to the Couve in every possible way MAY NOT have the HP7 trailer. Just a warning. I was expecting to see that trailer and was greatly disappointed. This, Popcouverites, is why you should never leave the Couve for an extended period of time. SIGH.


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