Posted by: popcouver | June 28, 2010

OMG Harry Potter Trailer!!! Accio Goosebumps!!!

OMG ! OMG! OMG! H to the A to the R to the R to the Y Potter trailer!!!! We are so excited that we had to spell out his name. If you are a Harry Potter fan that has not read the books, then you’re not a real fan haha but also you are in for a huge SPOILER!!! The opening scene of this trailer is a huge important scene from the book and a big BIG spoiler, so watch with caution.

SERIOUSLY JUST WATCHED THAT 5 TIMES ON REPEAT! I can’t even form words to describe how awesome this is. I don’t know if it is just because I am a huge fan of the books or not but that was the most epic trailer I have ever seen. Serious chills just ran down my spine and I had to work really hard and not running out of the room to grab my HP book. Looks like this was a combined movie trailer, and that Warner Brothers wants to keep us guess where the split line is going to be. Touche Warner Brothers, Touche.


  1. I just really hope they don’t screw up the last two films. The trailer looks great (and I cannot figure out where they are going to split this movie into two), but some of the films have left a little to be desired.

    What do you think of it being in 3-D?

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