Posted by: popcouver | June 28, 2010

K-Stew Going Blonde

Now, we all remember vintage K-Stew, with her awkward dirty blonde locks. Then there was the blonde-bombshell stage, as illustrated here.


 Resident Twi-hards know that Kristen has been thoroughly dedicated to committing her hair color to the roles which she portrays. Who doesn’t remember the inital Joan Jett mullet?

Looks like Kristen is once again sacrificing her “Bella Hair” and attempting to go blonde for her upcoming role in On The Road. Kindly, she is lightening it slowly, starting out with this new golden brown she showed off when arriving to tape an episode of David Letterman.

Kristen always look gorgeous buuuuuuuuut….. I’m sad to see her dark hair go so quickly. It feels like we JUST got that pretty brown back! Oh well. We all know it’ll make its return in time for filming Breaking Dawn in the couve!!!

UPDATE: On second look through some photos, it appears that Kristen has also hacked off her hair. AGAIN? I’m betting she was just evening out the layers, and now will continue to grow it out until filming commences this summer.



  1. Love Kristen’s dedication to her films! I am kind of excited to see her with a new style as long as it is going to be Bella-esk by Breaking Dawn.

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