Posted by: popcouver | June 26, 2010

Attention Vancouverite Twihards!

UBC is hosting a free Twilight screening tonight at 9 pm. Doors open at 6, so get there early to score your prime-time seating location! If you need your fix in preparation of Eclipse on Tuesday night, get your butt over to Wolfson Field in UBC Thunderbird Park. Don’t forget, this is an outdoor venue, so don’t forget to bundle up! Let us know how it is!!!

If you are like me and can’t make tonight’s screening, hit up the lovely Scotiabank Theatre on Tuesday for a Twilight Triple Feature. Twilight kicks it off at 7 pm, followed by New Moon and then ECLIPSE at midnight!!! Your Popcouver correspondents will be there in full force. Knowing us, they’ll be arriving around 6 am. So don’t take your chances! Show up early for a chance to sit with all your girlfriends in the best squealing section. Who knows who might show up? Last fall’s New Moon premiere featured one of the film’s executive producers who rallied for support for Breaking Dawn to return to the Couve. Mayhaps Rob and Kristen will show this time?


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