Posted by: popcouver | June 23, 2010

The MMVAs- A Little Disappointing?

There is something I just love about the Much Music Video Awards. It must be the fun, summery, outdoor atmosphere. The way Toronto just closes up the downtown area in order for Canadian music fans is just too cool!!!

Of the two co-hosts, Much Music’s Sarah Taylor and the questionable choice of Miley Cyrus (have you guys picked up on the fact that one of us loves her and one of us hates her?), I would have to say that Miley was by FAR my favorite host. She did a surprisingly great job! Not only did the speak with confidence and personality, but she handled a sticky situation beautifully when her cue cards were messed up. I’m sure it would be uncomfortable for anyone to attempt to ad lib it in front of thousands, but Miley pulled through! Sarah Taylor (who I also kind of hate), whose full time JOB is hosting television, was an epic fail on that front. Miley also wins for best wardrobe of the night while poor Sarah Taylor is in LAST PLACE. Who is her stylist? They should be fired.

THIS sexy number... meoooww..... vs....

Performers were enjoyable if not particularily memorable. It’s only three days later and I’m struggling to remember the stand-out moments. Katy Perry’s rendition of “California Gurls” was so much fun because Katy was NOT rocking a blue wig. Thank you, Miss Perry! She actually looked lovely throughout the evening. Katy even threw in a lil “Canadian Gurls” shoutout at the end of the show. Marianas Trench channeled Lady GaGa’s shocking 2009 performance by having lead singer, Josh Ramsay, sport a sparking bra. Hedley gave us exactly what we wanted, a heartfelt rendition of Perfect, and Justin Bieber DELIVERED with not one, but two songs. The girls in the audience who lined up for wristbands for days were definitely appreciating The Biebs. What a little cutie. And he has moves! He gave his backup dancers a run for their money, that’s fsho!

Big winners of the night were Vancouver natives, Hedley, and The Biebs, each with three awards. Co-host Miley Cyrus received International Pop Video for Party in the USA. I’m not even going to TOUCH on her dancing in the performance at the beginning of the show. Or on the bodysuit she wore for Can’t Be Tamed… this is a Pro-Miley post! They may be rare for me, but that’s okay!

To watch the show, go to

What did you guys think?


  1. hey can we talk about miley’s new hair?? that might be why you have a new appreciation for her hair! maybe you just can’t like anyone with horrible black and red extensions… maybe?

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