Posted by: popcouver | June 1, 2010

Cory Monteith <3 ‘s the Couve

He is just so darn cute!

It’s commonly known that everyone’s favorite Glee star, Cory Monteith, is a BC Native and a Vancouver import (from Victoria…. so basically he’s born and raised in the Couve).

USA Today threw out an interview with Cory about his favorite hot spots in Vancouver… Shockingly, they are our faves too!

•The Eatery. It’s the best sushi in town. It’s like a cross between the best sushi you’ve ever had inside an Andy Warhol explosion. It’s (got) TV screens playing colored visuals and effigies of Astro Boy hanging from the ceiling. It’s representative of the food culture and the youth of the city. 604-738-5299;
•The Naam. Twenty-four-hour-a-day vegan food. There’s something that makes you feel terrible about eating late at night, like two or three in the morning, and when you’re eating really healthy food that’s actually tasty, it kind of takes away some of that guilt. 604-738-7151;
•Roxy Burger on Granville (Street). It’s kind of a throwback to the West Hollywood version … a superchill place. 604-646-4000;
•True Confections. A table service, sit-down restaurant, but all they sell is cake and pie and it’s all made from scratch on the premises. Not that I can eat any of it anymore, but they have a chocolate pecan pie that’s just incredible. multiple locations;
•Caffè Artigiano is the best cup of coffee you will get in Vancouver. I like a nice, strong Americano with a little milk and sometimes sugar. multiple locations;
Personally speaking: First thing I do when I get off the plane: I step out of the airport and I inhale a lung-full of the most wondrous, liquid air that everybody takes for granted up there …It’s like night and day from Southern California.
Most surprising thing: How visually stunning the city is. How green it is and how much it rains, especially in February.

Inside tip: Refer to Vancouver affectionately as “The Coove” and you will be welcomed with open arms. (Fact. Although it’s “The Couve”, we’ll let this one slide, USA Today.)

 Oh Cory. You make me swoon. If ANYONE catches this cutie at The Naam or The Eatery, you better be sending us photos and info, STAT!

We’re counting on you, Popcouverites.




  1. where’s a picture, how am i supposed drool over him without a shot.

    • Sorry about this oversite! We are on it! One dose for Cory coming right up!

  2. Thank You!

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